Session 6: Blender and Presentations

The beginning of the end

Over the past five sessions you have:

You’ve practised and got things wrong and fixed them and changed them, and all the things you are supposed to do when you are learning. You’ve been amazing and should be really proud of yourselves for learning something that isn’t easy.

Introduction to Blender

What is Blender?

Blender is like Tinkercad, but more detailed. Plus, it has a 4th dimension. Can anyone guess what the 4th dimension is?

Blender showreel:

Vocabulary: Open source

Open source means the code is made public for free for anyone to use is any way. People who write open source code are literally writing code to make the world better. Sharing what they make and giving their time for free, so that other people can learn, can code faster and can benefit forever. It’s pretty magic.

Play with Blender at home

If you want to challenge yourself further, try out this excellent robot video series by Shapeways. Note that the interface is an older version, but the steps are all the same.

More Tinkercad challenges

Tinkercad is also free software. (But technically, not open source.) You can create your own account and Tinkercad on any computer with internet access. Here are a few challenges you could try:

Real life engineer presentation

Engineering Your Story from a real engineer Video on YouTube:

Talk by Tony Bobbin MA BEng CEng FIMechE, Head of Engineering - Arriva Rail London

Your presentations

Congratulations! You are an additive manufacturer. You have made something from nothing, from out of your own head.

You choose!

Free time with pens or Tinkercad until home time.

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