Session 3: 3D pens drawing 3D

Make a die with your own words

One word per face, grouping together so that the word in an indent, like the dots on a dice. And, as we keep saying, bigger and bolder will have more impact. Lots of tiny words would be hard to read on a small dice, so try to pick one word or one shape to make sure it’s clear.

You’ll use placing, resizing, text bars, holes, grouping and a new technique using the workplane.

Tinkercad Die

How a 3D printer works

Let’s remember the four types of manufacturing. What were they?

Turn yourself into a 3D printer

We are going to become an one-person additive manufacturer by using the 3D pen like a 3D printer, and adding layers on top of each other to create something from nothing.

This template gives you a precisely measured (see, more maths!) square that you will layer up and then 3D pen eyes and a mouth onto to make a cuboid head.

Stacking the squares template

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