Session 1: Welcome

Please write your name on your name board, nice and big!


A little bit about who is teaching you: I used to make books. Now I write code.

We are going to start off with a big question.

Video: What is engineering? from Crash Course

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But, you may think, maths! Maths is hard. I’m not good at maths. What do I need maths for?

We’re going to look at some of the maths that drawing needs in relation to your characters right now.

Have you made a scary character? A hero character? A gentle and kind character? Well, the way a character looks uses maths.

Character design uses geometry

Art uses a lot of different types of maths. The first maths element that we are going to explore is shapes and shape theory. Shape theory is the idea that your character’s shape has a huge part to play in how people will perceive it.

I’d like you to experiment with the shapes of your characters. Using the spare paper, see if you can exaggerate some of the shapes of your character.

Think about big bold shapes: heads, bodies, arms, legs. Throughout the course you’re going to want to think in big, bold shapes. Tiny details are more challenging with the pens and with the 3D software.

Now, to sculpt them! (After hand sanitising!)

The play dough you’re using is made with this recipe: